Thai Ladyboys: Identification and Top 10 of TS beauties in 2013

Thai Ladyboys: Identification and Top 10 of TS beauties in 2013

Beautiful and refined Thai ladyboys make a lot of guys crazy and all at sea: are they not women?

Yes, they look like real ladies, well maintained, with good manners and the sense of style. They are not easy and vulgarly bright that a lot of us imagine before visiting Thailand. Thai ladyboys have high pride of themselves and they are highly respected from the society as real woman. They are widely accepted and it is not difficult to find some shemale on the street of Bangkok.

Let’s review some ways to spot a ladyboy in Thailand:

– Thai shemale has no hair on their faces;
– she is too lovely to be true – if this girl is tall and good-looking and she is not a model then chance she is a bloke;
– Thai girls don’t have Adams apple (most Tchicks don’t have one);
– big feet or hands: real Thai girls well known for their tiny hands and feet. If your new friend captures your attention with sporting size heels you are going to have to ask her what else is large too;
– the same point is a body constitution. Remember that Thai chicks are extremely feminine. If some tart with an athletic body or hard face attracts you – be careful, this is an indicator too. Thai girls are not tall, averaging about 155 cm or even less. If a tall chick is talking to a tourist he should be on the alert;
– bright makeup. Look around in a bar or outdoor: real Thai girls don’t usually use a lot of cosmetics. Red or purple lipstick, dark smoky eyes makeup like a war-paint is a definite sign that your GF is not a girl;
– she has a surprise in her panties. Penis is an irrefutable proof of belonging to a male sex;
– darkness is her best friend. Thai ladyboys are generally shy (exept of business), they never undress in front of you and they will ask you to do “it” in the dark;
– look at her friends: ladyboys tend to stick together, talk about their hobbies and way of life. If you see an attractive girl with some obvious transsexual personas, be sure on 99% that your lover girl is the same;
– don’t be shy! Be polite! If you have some doubt just ask – are you a ladyboy? Then you can be sure that your fiancee is a real girl or vice versa.
Generally, Thai ladyboys that are not party girls look very shy and not provocatively. They are petite, good-looking, elegant and well-dressed. A lot of them are models, musicians and participants of beauty contest.

Let’s see a top list of the most beautiful Thai ladyboys in 2013. If you have a different opinion – welcome, we are waiting for your comments.

10. Arin – Thai Ladyboy

9. Kaitong – Miss Tiffany 2006 Thailand

8. Ploy – Thai Ladyboy

7. Rose – Thai Ladyboy

6. Film – Miss Tiffany 2007 Thailand

5. Lukpud – Alcazar Pattaya

4. Nhing – the 2nd Runner Up, Tiffany 2013 Thailand

3. Boss – the 1st Runner Up, Tiffany 2013 Thailand

2. Nek – Miss Tiffany 2013 Thailand

1. Poy – Miss Tiffany 2004 Thailand


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