Vaniity is one of the most popular transsexual pornstars

Vaniity is one of the most popular transsexual pornstars

Let’s talk about famous pornographic trans film actress Vaniity (Vanity). She was born in 1973 and in 2004 became the first transesxual woman to win an AVN award. But she is still one of the most popular and demanded American pornstar.

Vaniity’s birth name is Pedro Mora Kotero and double “ii” in her chosen name connects with her love to numerology. Vaniity comes from a big Mexican family, she has four sisters and six brothers. Her family migrated to the United States in 1982 and Vaniity grew up in Redwood City during the first time. Vaniity’s father was a songwriter, a photographer and he was at home not very often. Her mother was a great person for growing up Vaniity. Actress said that she lived as a feminine boy and she always knew she would be a real girl in future, she played with pretty Barbies, wore sisters’ attires and adored to be a fashion consultant.

There is a great number of films with this famous tranny (above 30). One of the first is Transsexual Prostitutes 6 (1998). The most popular are: Transsexual Babysitters 2 (2007), Best Of Transsexual Prostitutes 9, 17, 19, Up Close And Virtual With Vaniity…

Today Vaniity is pre-operation transsexual women. Vaniity says that she doesn’t want to change her sex as Kimber James for example, becouse she afraids of loosing a genital sensitivity.
A lot of her fans admire her perfect silky body, sexual skills, bright charisma and sly eyes. Her dark hair makes her so vampy, desired and feminine. They say that Vaniity adores brunette women that is why she never changes her color of hair.

There are some privat facts about Vanity:
– her favourite singer is Prince:
– she listens House, Opera, Techno, Hip-Hop;
– Vaniity likes suck books as The Pelican Brief, Love Sings, Signals, Gone With The Wind and all works of Edgar Cayce and John Grisham;
– the most loved movies are Mr. and Mrs.Smith, Dangerous Beauty, Purple Rain, Superman, GIA…

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