Almost Space Sex. Part I

Almost Space Sex. Part I
Almost Space Sex

Manfred Wolf was a cute professor from Germany working as the astrophysicist in a large American University. His special interest was in String Theory and he published some impressive articles on the matter. Once in the cafeteria a pretty young lady joined him at his table and introduced herself as Dr. Stella Middleton. She said she worked in the space lab where they tested out new configuration for their spacecraft crew for making it suitable for astronauts to travel long distances. She needed a serious minded person who was a scientist to help her with some experiments. “Would you be interested,” she asked.

“I am interested in anything that in connected with space,” Manfred told her.

“To start with it means spending a few hours with me in a rather confined space,” Stella explained, “And that would mean having sex while we can’t expect guys and girls to travel for months without having sex as their basic desires.”

Professor nodded checking out her appearance as he did so. She was cute, slim with nice boobs but he was in a relationship and wasn’t sure if this would be right. Nevertheless, he agreed realizing that he had a duty to science. The living quarters were too small with a few narrow bunk beds, a tiny WC shower combination and cupboard where personal clothes are kept. It was almost claustrophobic.

Stella showed Manfred how the top bunk folded back so that the bottom one turned into couch and they were sitting together talking for a while wondering what else was about to happen. In several minutes she told him that they should take their clothes off and put them in the cupboard to see how that worked out. By standing at each end of the cabin they didn’t punch each other when taking their sweaters off and they just kept stripping until they were absolutely naked. Manfred felt when he first saw Stella she had a great body but out of her lab clothes she was like a model. And those boobs were really nice and firm and he was eager to grab them.

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“Well if you were going to have sex in here,” Stella started looking down at his cock, “What sex position do you think would be the most comfortable?” Professor began to regret accepting this offer as it was so clinical he just wished to do what comes into his mind. “You would like to just begin with the balls rolling with something like this,” she said, and approaching to him she pressed her soft warm boobs against his chest and began to kiss him. Manfred couldn’t reply while he had her tongue in his mouth. His regret slowly disappeared as he cupped his hands around her naked ass and felt his cock pressing against her hips.

When his hands felt her boobs she moaned a bit right away and so he wet his finger with spit and moved it around her hard nipples. Stella closed her eyes and stood there as he discovered her shape with his hands and tongue. Laying her down on the narrow bunk, he leaned over and started sucking her boobs. She moaned now louder and louder when he lifted her legs, spread them and started fingering and licking her pussy so that Stella became almost crazy. Manfred licked the edges of her pussy discovering it with his finger at the same time. She began to twist her body and then she screamed and shoved her ass in the air almost making them to fall off the bunk. To be continued…

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