French Babysitter With Big Boobs

French Babysitter With Big Boobs

French Babysitter With Big Boobs

When Don’s wife suggested him to hire a babysitter he wasn’t sure he liked the idea but when he saw a young girl his wife wanted to take he changed his mind. She was French and she was looking for job for practicing her English. Gabrielle was tall, had a mass of auburn hair and nice figure.

Her legs were so sexy and long and her boobs could only be labeled as perfect.

Don was amazed that his wife would let that goddess enter the house until she informed she was a lesbian. He was frustrated. Frequently he didn’t go to work until the afternoon while his wife, an owner of a small boutique, left the house at 8 am. Gabbi, as she liked to be called, had a breakfast with him. The sensual way she used to look at Don created a little doubt in his mind whether she was a lesbian.

Once in the morning Gabbi looked across the table at Don and said to him he was quite handsome. He was embarrassed and thought it only polite to say the same to her. “You’re pretty too,” Don replied. As he said that she moved around the table and sat next to him. “Are you faithful to your wife?” Gabbi asked, stroking his arm up and down. “Sure,” he answered, being a bit confused by what was she doing. “What a pity,” she replied, “I thought you could help me with my schoolwork.” “Your schoolwork?” “Yes I study to become a sex therapist in France and I have to work with people, it’s impossible to learn everything from the books.”

Don swallowed hard, “How can I help you?” he asked. “I’m busy with writing my thesis on sexual positions and I’ve only tried a few of them, what about you?” “A few either,” Don replied, swallowing hard again. “Have you ever had sex on the kitchen table?” “No I think we skipped that one.” Gabbi slipped out of her shorts and top and stood in front of him naked. “Would you like to try it out with me? To help me with my thesis?” “I definitely wouldn’t want you to get a low mark,” Don stammered, “But what about the baby?” he asked, thinking about his daughter that she’d been hired to look after. “But she will sleep for another hour or so, don’t worry. Just take your clothes off,” she said. “And let the lesson start.”

With her perfect boobs almost poking him the eye and enough hardon in his pants to build a bridge over the River Pussy, he namely tore off his clothes. Gabbi cleared the dishes to one side of the table and sat on its edge. “If you get on your knees do you think you can lick me out from there?” Don nodded his head and fell to his knees and moved his tongue up and down her pussy. Gabbi put her shapely legs on his shoulders and he stuck his tongue further into her cunt and moved it in circles. It tasted so good. She got so aroused but didn’t want to reach an orgasm before him and make the whole lesson spoiled. So she asked him to change places. Gabbi reached over the sideboard and grabbed the jam dish. She smeared his cock with it. “It’s not that cock doesn’t taste good,” she explained, “But I just like raspberry jam.” And she began to suck is slowly licking jam off.

Don was in complete ecstasy and it got even better when Gabbi climbed on the table standing with her legs apart and lowered herself down with her legs around him until her pussy absorbed him right up to his balls. Then she hung onto his shoulders and started to move up and down with pleasure. Gabbi then leaned forward and put her tongue in his mouth and moved it in and out in time with her thighs movements. Don was eager to increase the speed but she kept up the same slow pace until he shot his load. He flung his arms around her and nestled his face between her boobs. “God, that was so sweet,” he said, his voice muffled. “That was so great.”

Gabbi made some coffee as Don was too exhausted to do anything and as they sipped it he told her that he had the impression that she was a lesbian. “Oh that your wife told you, right?” “Yes.” “I tell it to all women,” Gabbi laughed. “It makes them feel more comfortable.” She kept on drinking her coffee and then put her head to one side. “In my thesis I explain the advantages of 20 different sex positions,” she said, “Would you like to help me test the other 19?” Don smiled and nodded his head like an idiot.

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