Naked Job

Naked Job

Naked Job

Marcus McKay was jobless for months though he sent out dozens of resumes and had a few interviews. Nothing seemed to be working out for him, until he noticed an advertisement for a dancer. Of course, he wasn’t professional but he was able to do a little tap and he cut an impressive figure at the disco – so he decided – what the hell – and he applied. He had an interview and audition at an old warehouse in the downtown and he entered the room with trepidation.

Danse Nue, at full strength included 8 dancers who toured around the state in a converted bus. Moving from city to city they put on shows somewhat in the tradition of Isadora Duncan’s style. The majority of the members were lying around in casual clothes drinking coffee when Marcus arrived and they all looked on as he demonstrated his few talents. The group’s choreographer named Suzie showed him some moves and then asked him to follow her. Afterwards she told her fellow dancers what they thought. The answer was, “He is the best.” So Marcus got the job and was asked to report to the studio the next day for a full rehearsal.

He had to be at place at 8am but he got there half an hour earlier and found a few members, who obviously called the warehouse home, were still asleep across the floor.

When they climbed out of their sleeping bags for drinking some coffee they were all naked.

“There is no sense to get dressed now,” yawned one of the guys, “We have to start rehearsing as soon as we’ve showered.” The shower was a few spigots in the corner of the space and they all gathered under them as Suzie turned on the water. The dancers started washing each other with their hands. During showering the guys fondled the girls’ boobs and the girls fondled guys’ balls.

“Take your clothes off Marcus,” said Suzie, “You are now my shower partner.” Marcus felt reluctant to join the fun but he desperately needed the job and if this was part of it so be it. Anyway it wasn’t that difficult to rub down her boobs – they were amazing and her trimmed pussy was so inviting. When they dived under the water Suzie was the first who made a move, having grabbed the soap she began to wash down Marcus’s chest, slipping her hands slowly down to his waist and then to his balls. He didn’t want to embarrass himself by getting aroused but he couldn’t help it. There were four naked girls jumping up and down with their boobs jiggling and their pussies winking at him – it just couldn’t be helped.

Suzie giggled as she worked around his big stout cock and the others looked over to see what was making her laugh. “Holy crap,” cried out Zelda, “He can’t dance with a hard-on like that Suzie, you’d better help him with that.” Suzie agreed, “Come with me young man,” and holding by the hand she led him to the bus. Its interior was much nicer than he expected. As they entered she gave him a towel to wipe himself down and then they made for the back where there was a bedroom with a double bed. “We sleep in turns in this room,” Suzie said, “The rest of the time you must make do with pull out sofas or the floor. Sit down on a bed, I’ll give you a blowjob so we can start the rehearsal and later if you feel like it we can come back here and have sex all night.”

Marcus was surprised a lot by her words, it seemed like he’d stumbled across a revived hippie colony where convention didn’t exist. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to miss his chance to get Suzie’s full red lips sliding up and down his cock and so he sat down. She kneeled in front of him and started massaging his balls gently; he held on tight to the edge of the bed and breathed hard as she almost engorged the whole thing. Moaning a bit as Suzie kept on sucking and fondling, she seemed to get excited when she sensed that he was ready to cum. Marcus yelled he was cumming, and she leaned back and worked it out with handjob. Cum spurted all over the place, some of it landed on his chest and her boobs.

With her hands all covered with his jizz Suzie offered they should go back to shower and helped him up from his seat as Marcus felt a little weak at the knees. Surely there was more applause when they emerged and he’s got a blush on his face. Though everyone seemed to be comfortable walking around naked he was still a big shocked when he discovered that was how they performed in public. He hoped that nobody he knew would ever buy a ticket for their show. Marcus really didn’t have to worry much as it seemed that they were normally sold out and the only way to get one was from scalper.

The rehearsal was ok with balls swinging and boobs jiggling and it wasn’t difficult to realize why all their performances were sell outs. Lunch was cooked in the bus kitchen and they all sat around the large table in the center of the rehearsal room enjoying a sub and a bottle of beer. With Suzie’s help they worked on new ideas including some incredible gymnastic moves carried out by James and Cindy, being naked of course. After proper 90 minutes of running, jumping and towing long lengths of colored silk they all needed a break but Zelda offered that they should do some “rollies.”

Marcus couldn’t say what this meant but he was soon to discover. First one of the chicks would fondle a guy’s balls until he got hard. After that they would lie together at the top of a carpet and the guy would insert his cock, they would then hold on to each other very tightly and Rollie Pollie downward trying not to lose their hands. He was wondering if this was really a job at all, as those members acted like overgrown kids and sex was just another source of fun. Even though Marcus was anxious to slip it into Suzie’s pussy he decided not to try it as he didn’t want to break his cock and end up in hospital at this early stage of his new career.

Another chance to fuck his nice choreographer came late in the afternoon when the rest of the members had gone into city. She offered they should nap a bit in the bus but he knew that napping was the furthest thing from her mind. Suzie flung herself on the bed and invited him to jump on top of her. Her legs were apart and he was torn between licking her trimmed pussy or sucking her perky boobs. Finally boobs won and straddled her naked body and took one into his mouth while caressing the other with the palm. Suzie seemed to really enjoy it – stretching out her naked body, spreading her arms and moaning. Marcus sucked her hard nipples and then licked his was down her belly until he reached her willing pussy.

As he parted her pussy lips with his fingers she gasped and then when he buried his face into it and moved his tongue from side to side she sighed loudly. Probably he wished to impress her as he knew she must have had several guys before him and he licked and sucked and flicked her clit until she reached an orgasm and held onto him so tight she nearly broke his ribs. When Marcus broke free he penetrated her pussy with his hard cock and she responded by wrapping her legs around him and pulling him into her as far as he could. His cock was hot and throbbing as he started driving it in and out. Suzie’s pussy was silky, warm and very wet. It felt so great he would just laid there with it in for the whole evening but – Marcus wanted to cum and so he drilled it in and out at a high speed until his balls seemed to be on fire and he cummed deep inside of her.

Suzie yelled, “Holy fuck” as he made those last well aimed thrusts. Marcus pumped the last few drops into her and was about to tell her how awesome she was when his cell phone rang. It was an employment agency that he’d approached when he was looking for a job. “I think have something to offer to you,” Mr. Johnson said to him. “I already have something,” Marcus answered, smiling down at Suzie. “This company was very curious about you and I think they might be prepared to make you a better offer.” “Thank you, Mr. Johnson but no one could ever make a better offer – I have the best fucking job in my life!”

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