Ten tips to enhance your ability for reaching orgasm (Part 1)

Ten tips to enhance your ability for reaching orgasm (Part 1)

Ten tips to enhance your ability for reaching orgasm

Fortunately, the more orgasms you experience, the more you will have in future.

Therefore, if you are looking for immediate satisfaction or long pleasure, learning more about your abilities to orgasm, you will reach the pleasure of several levels.

However, the idea of reaching better orgasm should not make you feel as if something wrong is with your orgasm which you are can experience now. If you’re trying to improve your sex life to justify anyone’s expectations, or because you feel tension, you don’t get any positive results. But if your interest to reach better orgasm is caused by personal desire or curiosity, the next tips below will help you.

Here are a few warnings that you must remember all the time when you try something new:
• What is “better” means better just for you; you shouldn’t compare orgasms.
• You measure success of orgasm. If you are happy, then it’s all that’s important.
• There is no right way to reach an orgasm; what is good for you is enough.
• If the sensations are pleasant and all are alive and well, there is no wrong way to reach orgasm.

Before the beginning of any sexual research, keep in mind that many of us in the past could have negative and traumatic sexual experiences, including sexual violence. When you start to explore new sexual ways, problems associated with past experience can appear. Therefore, if starting something new, try to have someone nearby (partner, friend or mentor) who will help you cope with these problems. All of us need to take care of ourselves when we discover a new experience. If you have had a bad experience in the past, this does not mean that you can not have great sex in the future – just in this case you need some support.

1. Start with breathing
Orgasm can be a sensation of all your body and your breath will be the basis for this. You can enhance your orgasm, playing with your breathing. Start with that, pay attention to your breathing during sex. Do you hold your breath and strain? Did you notice that your breathing has changed from slow and deep to short and fast? Next, experiment with the depth and rate of breathing. Try to change it when you feel orgasm coming. Some people believe that a deep and slow breathing during orgasm can spread this feeling to other parts of the body. If you feel a loss of sexual excitement, try a quick shallow breathing (but be careful not to get a glut of oxygen).

2. Move your body
Movement of your body can be an obvious part of sex, but when it comes to orgasm, many of us tense and almost freeze up that can prevent orgasm or make it weaker. You can change the feeling of orgasm, if you change the number of its movements or start to move other parts of the body. Start with paying attention to how your body moves during sex and before orgasm. Are there any parts of your body that you do not move, but could? Are you confused by how your body moves during sex? Now play during masturbation with different poses and different kinds of movements. If you don’t like your hips moves, try to move your arms or legs or bend your whole body. If you are confused to do it with your partner, start to do it with the lights off, or under a blanket. Make a game and allow yourself to have sex once, moving all possible parts of your body. Doing it, pay attention to which movements of which parts of the body are more enjoyable for you.

3. Determine your line limit
Our obsession with orgasm often means that we are in such a hurry to get it, that failing, trying to enrich excitement. Many people admit that orgasms as a result of slow enhancing of excitement, is stronger than fast orgasms. Determine where your limit line is: the moment when you start a decisive action and reach orgasm. You can always tell when it is a time for orgasm? What do you feel in your body right before orgasm? Your next step is to extend the period before orgasm. It’s much easier to try it alone. That is masturbate as usual and as soon as you feel coming orgasm, slow down. Continue stimulation, but a little step back from your line limit. Then start it again. Make three or four times before you allow yourself to experience orgasm. The authors of the book “I love the female orgasm” describe their own version of this game, which they call “The Magic of ten.” In this version, you reach the point of orgasm, and then change the position and type of stimulation. Make it ten times before you allow yourself to experience orgasm.

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