Ten tips to enhance your ability for reaching orgasm (Part 2)

Ten tips to enhance your ability for reaching orgasm (Part 2)

Ten tips to enhance your ability for reaching orgasm

We continue to share with you some tips how to reach unbelievable orgasm and be pleased a lot.

4. Do exercises for your pelvis
This advice is not suitable for everyone, but if you can move the pelvis and do not feel pain, try to strengthen your orgasm, strengthening the pelvic muscles, called pubococcygeal muscles. Strengthening exercises for these muscles are called Kegel exercises, and they increase blood flow to the pelvic part of the body. Some people admit that stronger pelvic muscles help to get a more powerful orgasm. These exercises by themselves can strengthen your sense of the pelvis and thus enhance orgasm.

5. Go beyond the bounds
If you want to experience stronger orgasms, go beyond your genitals. It doesn’t mean that the vulva, clitoris, penis and scrotum are not key parts of the body to reach orgasm, but your body is full of nerve endings waiting excitement and orgasms can come from unexpected places. Sometimes stimulation of other parts of your body, causing you to orgasm, can seriously change the feel of it. The next time you have sex alone or with a partner, spend some time playing with the other parts of your body. Do not think of it as a prelude, concentrate on where the sensations are more pleasant, and when you find a place, try different intensities of stimulation.

6. Tense and relax
When you experience an orgasm, every muscle in your body is tense. But often during sexual arousal and orgasm, we unconsciously isolate certain parts of the body, tense and relax only them. One way to enhance orgasm is to use your whole body, including your muscles. To start with, pay attention to those parts of the body where you feel the tension and relaxation of muscles before, during and after orgasm. If you tense up just before orgasm, try using the breath to relax your muscles. If you tense only one part of your body, then tense the other part, and feel what sensations it gives you during orgasm. Play with muscles straining them, holding the tense for a few seconds, and then relax.

7. Good and bad fancies
Using imagination in reaching orgasm can both help and prevent. Fancy is considered excellent if it helps you to forget about everything and follow your erotic thoughts. If you are one of those who find it difficult to be excited, the imagination can be an important first step. However, some of us use fancy as a way to stay outside of our bodies, digressing from our feelings. If you are one of those who rely on fancy most of the time, try not to dream, and to focus on the fact that your body feels. If you never allow yourself to dream, then it’s time to try and see how it will change your orgasm.

8. Sex Toys
Sex toys, vibrators in particular, are often the easiest and fastest way to reach orgasm and orgasms which you get playing with sex toys may be different. Sex toys are not necessary for good sex or a great orgasm, but they can create a good extra stimulation, and remind you that sex is a game. Using sex toys can also spur sexual fantasy, and if you use toys for penetration, you have a chance to choose something to your size (which our real partners don’t have maybe). You can always find a suitable toy from a vast range of sex toys on offer in any sex shop.

9. Use water
If sex toys from sex shops do not suit you, try using water. The stream of water from the shower or tap creates a strong continuous stimulation, which is very different from hand stimulation or rubbing against the fabric or furniture, and can give a very different orgasm. Try masturbating in the shower or bath. Playing in the bath is also an easy way to relieve you of worries about what sex can create a mess, either alone or with a partner.

10. Check your health
If you’re just looking for a way to enhance orgasm, which you are already satisfied, it is unlikely that you have any health problems. But if you find it difficult to reach orgasm, or you do not experience such orgasm, as it was before, it may be the result of illness or use of some medicine. Despite the fact that our sexual reaction is a complex interaction of our mind and body, talk to your doctor about any problems concerning sex is very important to enhance orgasm as well as for your sexual health and satisfaction.

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