Phil Corbin Gets Sex With Interracial Girls. Part I.

Phil Corbin Gets Sex With Interracial Girls. Part I.
Sex in a Cave

Sex in a Cave with Interracial Bisexuals.

Phil Corbin was fond of putting a few things in his backpack and going for long walks in the countryside. His girlfriend didn’t share that interest of his, what she called “trivial pursuits” and the days he went to the countryside she went to a beauty salon. One perfect sunny day Phil took a bus out of town for the mountains. When he got out of it he took a big breath of fresh air and began to walk. Two pretty young girls got out behind him but he soon lost sight of them.

Phil liked to take photos on the way and was lucky to get a few really nice wildlife shots. Around afternoon he sat down on a cliff looking at the valley and ate his lunch accompanied by a squirrel that made him share some sandwich with it. It was around 1.30 when Phil decided to come back to his starting point as he had to catch the bus at 5 pm. So he started to hurry because the sky was getting clouded over and he felt a few drops of rain. This eventually turned into a deluge.

It got so heavy Phil had difficulty in seeing where he was going. He was getting wet and the path he was on was getting slippery. It didn’t take long before he lost and went careening down a bank and landed on another pathway below. He looked up, wiped the rain from his face and found that he was in front of a cave. Phil knew it was a chance to get dry but he remembered that a place like that could be a bear home. He entered a cave cautiously but when he caught a smell of smoke he was sure it wasn’t a bear there. Phil was shocked to see the two girls he’d encountered on the bus, one white, one ebony, sitting by a fire completely naked.

They screamed loudly when they saw his muffled shape appear thinking he was a big bear. When Phil pulled his hood back and apologized they laughed and didn’t seem bothered that they were flaunting their boobs and hairy pussies. After they invited him to strip off and share their fire they explained like him they’d been drenched to the bone and here they could dry out. Their names were Kim and Angie, they were both college students and talked sincerely about their sexual affairs which included both male and female partners.

“We were about to have sex with each other until you came – we’ve never done it by a camp fire before,” said Angie.

“Don’t put attention on me, I can turn my back,” Phil said naively. “I suppose it would be more interesting if you joined us,” Kim smiled. “It would,” Angie agreed, “We could turn it into a game.” Now Phil was like a kind of a reserved guy and felt a certain degree of loyalty to his girlfriend, even though she was rather boring when it came to sex. He had a dilemma, here he was with two bisexual girls and he was being hesitant.

“Okay, what sort of a game?” he asked trembling with anxiety. Kim saw a tripod attached to his backpack, “Do you have a digital camera?” she asked with excitement. “Yes,” he replied wondering what she was going to do. “So why don’t you just take photos of us having sex? The fire light must really give us great effects.” As Phil set up a camera interracial girls began to suck each others’ boobs and tease each others’ hairy pussies. They were doing it in a standing sex position and started off laughing as they licked and groped each other but soon that turned into some serious moaning and sighing. To be continued…

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