Paige and Danny Have Sex Marathon. Part II

Paige and Danny Have Sex Marathon. Part II
Paige and Danny Have Sex Marathon.

Paige and Danny Have Sex Marathon.

Nevertheless, she went into the bedroom and Danny followed her in eager anticipation. When she reached the bed she stopped and told him as they were both athletes they should have sex a bit differently, “I’d like you to wrestle me for it,” Paige said, and then she started stripping seductively one thing at a time, each castoff flashing another part of her sexy nubile body.

As soon as they were both naked he moved towards her trying to embrace her but she pushed him away. Danny sparred with her for a bit and then coped to grab her and throw her onto the bed.

There didn’t seem to be any chance of foreplay taking into account the rules of sex and so he lay his body on top of hers with the intention to ram his cock straight in.

But she crossed her legs and his plan was ruined. Danny tried to use one hand to hold her down and the other to make her legs apart but Paige broke loose. He snuffled over towards her trying to grab her again but it was Paige who made the first move and he ended up sprawling on the floor.

When Danny turned over she straddled his body sticking her ass in his face and took his erect cock into her mouth. As she moved up and down his dick he held onto the cheeks of her butt and tried to move so that he could lick her pussy but it couldn’t be done. Paige kept on blowing his penis and massaging his balls with her fingers when he felt he was about to cum, he slapped her ass and shouted, “I’m cumming.” But Paige didn’t stop taking his cum milking him to the very end.

Her next move was to sit with her pussy right over his mouth. Danny started licking it gently and she moaned and moaned as he proceeded to poke and taste her with his tongue. When she got her orgasm she screamed and shook violently. He kept licking up and down her wet pussy until she could take it anymore and threw herself forward onto the floor. This was Danny’s opportunity to be a macho so he picked Paige up and threw her onto the bed. She was far from crossing her legs this time and spread them to have sex.

Danny lowered himself onto her body and as he fucked her, shoving his cock right into her cunt, she gasped and opened her eyes wide open. He withdrew it and thrust it in again and again and again. Paige was impatient and wanted to get an orgasm again so she held onto his forearms trying to keep him inside her.

Danny got it and started driving his dick into her at a steady pace. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. He thought how beautiful she looked during sex as her hair was spread out across the pillow and her gorgeous boobs bounced from side to side. When he felt his cum moving up his cock he began to groan and she held onto him tighter and started yelling as he exploded inside of her pussy.

With her legs wrapped around Danny he stayed with it trapped in her cunt for a bit and then they just lay in each other’s hug. “Will you run in the Wesleyville Marathon next month?” he asked her. “Of course, will you?” “Yes – and what I was thinking was – if you take better place than me I’d like to ask you to marry me.” Paige sighed, “Oh, God – that means I have to pretend I twisted my ankle again.”

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