Office Sex with a Leggy Stunner. Part I.

Office Sex with a Leggy Stunner. Part I.
Office Sex

Office Sex with a Leggy Stunner.

Stefan Rani is a tall, handsome guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike many cute guys he isn’t full of himself and doesn’t consider himself a gift to girls as some in his situation may do. He is 27 and he’s got a job with a software company owned by a man with lots of enterprises he runs. In this case he handed over the reins to his daughter Krista, 20, who didn’t have any idea what she was doing.

Stefan took a challenge. Most of the 12 employees were Krista’s friends who had the same degree of competence. Being a chief engineer the only people he could rely on were Sarah Passy, a young but smart lady who’d somehow managed to get a job without being connected to Krista, and John Kressel, an aging absent minded genius.

Krista was glamorous as most of her friends, with long legs wearing the latest fashions and flaunted her sexuality.

Stefan found out he could get sex every night if he wanted to but he wanted to build a reputation for the company in the marketplace and tweak its products.

Although Krista was impressed by his resume she told her friends that none of them would have sex with him before she had. Every time she called him into her office she would sit away from her table so that Stefan had a nice view up her short skirt.

He had problems with concentrating on the business at hand with such sexuality and he told her so. Krista couldn’t believe that but she took it as a compliment and closed her legs. Nevertheless, Stefan kept looking on her beautiful legs and boobs that showed rather plainly through her sheer blouse. As he’s got a cast iron contract for at least a year he thought he could take risk and ask her if he could have sex with her.

“If we were able of getting rid of our frustrations,” Stefan began, “It would make it much easier to focus on business.” Krista opened her mouth as if she was a bit shocked but then regained her composure and instructed her secretary that they were not to be disturbed for a few hours. Then she slipped out of her chair and told Stefan that she was going to take a shower first.

“I’d like you to be my voyeur,” she said, “I’ll leave the door open a bit, ok?” “Sure,” he answered, “If that’s what you want.” Krista looked at Stefan as if she thought he was laughing at her but as she was passing on the way to the shower he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap. They kissed and his hands touched her boobs. They felt so great and natural and he rubbed erect nipples with the tips of his fingers as her hand touched his cock. Suddenly she stopped and broke his grip. “Don’t lets rush things we have a few hours to do,” she said, and went to the shower. To be continued…

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