Office Sex with a Leggy Stunner. Part II

Office Sex with a Leggy Stunner. Part II
office sex

Office Sex with a Leggy Stunner.

He got up and followed her staying by the door which she had left a little open. Krista stood in front of a mirror and began by losing her hair and shaking it free. Then she unbuttoned her blouse quite slowly and slipped it off flaunting the most beautiful pair of boobs he has ever seen. Next Krista shimmied out of her short skirt showing tiny red panties and as she slipped it down her long sexy legs he caught the first glance of her shaved perfect pussy.

She pretended she didn’t know of anyone was spying on her and kept on rubbing her tits and pussy in the mirror.

Stefan gone incredibly horny and would loved to have burst in on her, hoisted her up onto the vanity and had sex with her there but she was the boss, he thought he’d better wait for her next move.

When she got into the shower he changed his position so that he could see her nude through the glass door. As she soaped herself he felt his cock getting hard, anxious to get out of his pants and dive into her pussy but she took her time. After Krista had dried herself off she left the bathroom, still nude, and Stefan tried to put his arm around her. But she suddenly slapped his face rather hard, and running across the office she dodged behind the table.

After a few chases around the office he decided to take his clothes off and get serious, all the running was irritating him. When he slipped out of his pants Krista said “Wow” to his cock but then took off again. It took a few minutes before he caught her by the wall of the office door. She fought at first but after a while she let him such her boobs and moaned as he bit them gently. After he had licked and sucked them and rubbed his face all over her tits Krista raised up her legs putting her wet pussy in line with his cock.

Stefan penetrated her cunt ramming it hard and fast and Krista was very excited with the way it felt. He held tight onto her ass as he was driving it home causing the chandelier to shake in the middle of the room. Both of their bodies were sweat as sex got harder and harder. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. As Stefan shot his cum and she reached an orgasm at the same time he screamed “Holy Fuck!” at the top of his lungs.
Before Stefan could even catch his breath Krista lowered her legs and shoved him in the chest with both hands, sending him sprawling backwards onto his ass. Then she went to the bathroom and he heard the lock click. Rubbing his ass he went to the door and asked if he could come in. The lock clicked and Krista opened it up. “What do you want?” “Well, I thought we’d have sex one more time.” “Will you do it doggy style?” “If that’s what you want.”

Krista leaned over the vanity wiggling her ass and begging Stefan to have sex in doggy style. He grabbed her thighs, shoved his hard cock into her hot wet pussy and began to fuck her hard. He could see himself and Krista in the mirror. She was looking into his eyes and licking her lips as he rammed her ass. He could also see her boobs swinging and that turned him on so much he quickened his pace groaning with pleasure.

When Stefan was ready to cum Krista was urging him on pulling all sorts of faces. His belly slapped her ass as he grew more and more aroused. Sex didn’t last long before he started to cum and she pressed her face against the mirror and moved her ass backwards and forwards as if not wanting to finish. They took shower together and he soaped her down arousing her to the point where she kneeled, grabbing his thighs and sucking him off.

Both glowing of total pleasure they slowly dressed, pausing for kissing before Krista sat back in her executive chair looking quite business like again. “I hope you are able to turn this company around Stefan,” she said. “Do anything you think is necessary to achieve that aim and we’ll have sex like this every Wednesday afternoon,” Krista smiled. As he nodded and moved towards the door she added: “Oh, if you have sex with any other girl in the office I want you to use a condom we don’t want to spread diseases here.”

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