The types of pussies. Part II.

The types of pussies. Part II.
The types of pussies

The types of pussies

There are over a million ways to categorize pussies. The above categories are a general category of a long list of categories based on the inputs and research of mostly male writers. There are other lesbians and other guys who seem to put premium on the way that the pussies physically look like:

The ultimately yummy pussy – according to majority of males and lesbos, this type of pussies have their labia minora, or the outer folds of the pussy plump and covers the whole pussy area, with a distinct slit in the middle.

This kind of pussy is also described by many as those that emit a sweet odor (?) and seems to taste good (these descriptions are based on the blogs, forums and other sites that have extensive discussion on the matter), as well as easily lubricated naturally. This pussy is generally pink or fair or in ebonics, shiny and dark.
The overworked pussy – this pussy seems to look haggard, worn out and is not easily lubricated.

They are described as ‘bruised’ as a color, limp labia, needs to be lubricated with saliva and seems to be uncooperative, but elastic enough to accommodate instant penetration. Most guys and lesbians seem to think that this kind of pussy is somewhat of an older age category.

Thin pussies – these are pussies that usually have narrow labia majora or outer lips and have either an outward flap of the inner lips or an equally-thin pair. Some clitoris in this kind of pussies are readily seen or the hood maybe covering them.

Protruding clitoris pussies – these pussies have their clitoris peeking out. These are the kind of pussies that greatly enjoys the dick in pussy action. Also, these kinds of pussies are very easy to stimulate.
The tiny pussy – some pussies are just tiny in comparison to the girl or lady’s size. They are diminutive, sometimes guys feel that they are always virgins. But this is not usually the case. What looks like a small pair of labia majora or outer lips doesn’t mean that the vagina cannot accommodate larger dicks.

Pussies vary as much as any woman varies. Not one pussy is similar to the next. It is just like the pattern on any man’s thumbprint. However, any vagina has all the regular components: the labia majora or the outer lips, the labia minora or the inner lips, the clitoral hood, the clitoris, the urethra, the vaginal opening, the vaginal canal and the g-spot. Normally, the labia majora covers all the parts and has a division right in the middle.

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