Women Who Like Oral Sex Are Happier

Women Who Like Oral Sex Are Happier
Oral Sex

Women Who Like Oral Sex Are Happier

Scientists from New York State University have found out something interesting! American researchers will make lots of men smile.

Their study shows that women who like oral sex are happier, feel better and have less cases of depression.

The scientists asked 293 students from their campus in Albany to find out that fact.

Girls answered the questions from the Beck Depression Inventory to find the symptoms of depression. Then they talked about their preferences in sex life. As a result the researchers discovered that the frequency of sex among girls has a faint relation to their daily mood. But the desire of having or not having oral sex with their boyfriends influenced their mood really hard. One more interesting fact is that whether girls use or not condoms during sex it influences their mental health. If they use them, such kind of sex has practically zero effect for their mind.

What is the reason? Scientists say that cum is a real heady cocktail consisting of psychotropic substances. First of all, cum includes serotonin which is the strongest neurotransmitter and antidepressant in the world. Then it also contains oxytocin – the substance which makes us fall in love and get affected by people. Cum also includes melatonin which is a substance making people relaxed and provides them with sound sleep. Thyrotropin is one more great antidepressant which can be found in cum.
Of course, the scientists don’t maintain the idea of bareback fuck as the risks drawn from this kind of sex are too high. But if you have a constant sex partner and you had a really hard day today, remember about oral sex!

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