Cindy is a Sex Addict. Part I

Cindy is a Sex Addict. Part I

Cindy is a Sex Addict.

When Chris Thompson got acquainted with Cindy Wells on the Internet he thought he’d found his love. She was from Florida and he wanted to meet her so he suggested to pay her airplane to Los Angeles for a weekend trip. Chris’s offer was happily accepted and the big day came for him to meet Cindy at the airport.

He wasn’t a prude but he was shocked when he saw her. As she walked towards him he thought she’d forgotten to put her skirt on – her dress was too short. When she came closer he saw her big boobs bouncing around under the thin top and her pussy almost met the slit in her skirt. Driving over to his apartment Cindy slid her hand up and down his thigh so he almost hit the car in front of him a couple of times. When they arrived to his place she was all over him as soon as they entered the room.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since we first spoke to each other,” Cindy said, ramming her tongue halfway down his throat. “I knew you were my type of a guy.” To put it short Chris was a bit shocked. He wasn’t a choir guy but he hadn’t met anyone as aggressive as she before.

“Let’s take our clothes off and have sex right here against the wall,” she added.

Of course as she wore so little it didn’t take her long to get naked. He took a little longer, not only because he was wearing more clothes but Chris was a bit nervous. She wasn’t the sweet innocent looking girl he’d Skyped lots of times. Yes, she did have low cut tops on a few occasions but he didn’t think much of it at the time. As Cindy stood naked, anxious to have sex, he kept on struggling to get his pants off. Having a hard on was predictable as he was staring at a tall, slender, pretty blonde with big boobs most movie stars would die for.

Once nude he put his arms around her and she pressed her back to the wallpaper. It seemed that she didn’t want any foreplay she just wanted to have hard sex. “Be rude,” Cindy shouted, “I won’t break, give it to me hard.” Chris had never actually had it standing up before and it took some time to get his cock into her pussy. When he did she screamed as though she’d got orgasm already.

Chris liked the feel of her warm wet twat and he would like to have savored the moment but Cindy wished action and she grabbed onto his ass and began to grind his cock and poke her tongue in his mouth at the same time. It felt so great he knew he would cum very fast and when he did she moaned, “Oh yes, yes!” a few times and breaking free she dropped to her knees and sucked every drop from his cock.

The evening has just begun and Cindy already wanted her ass slapped, her big boobs bitten and his entire hand fist her pussy. An hour later he was feeling totally exhausted but she didn’t let up. They had sex backwards and forwards, up her ass in her mouth, on the floor, in the bed until his penis was in pain and he felt that at any moment he would have a heart attack. “I adore sex!” Cindy smiled, “I could just have it all the time.” To be continued…

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