Cindy is a Sex Addict. Part II

Cindy is a Sex Addict. Part II

Cindy is a Sex Addict. Part II

It wasn’t what Chris wanted to hear. He knew that most guys dreamed about meeting a girl like that but in fact such girls could put you in an early grave – that’s if there left anything to bury.

When Cindy agreed to a short respite from sex he managed to cook up a couple of omelet’s, even though he didn’t feel his legs.

All the time Chris was cooking, she, still naked, rubbed her hairy pussy against his ass.

Finally he managed to get her sit down at the table but even then her bare feet touched his and it seemed like a sign of what she had in mind for dessert. When he gave her a glass of wine she warned him that she had a low tolerance for alcohol. “I end up falling asleep and we wouldn’t want that would we?” “We certainly wouldn’t,” Chris grinned filling her glass. As she said her eyes began to flicker after a while and fell asleep right on her chair. He managed to get her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed.

He slept on the couch and was awoken early in the morning by Cindy playing with his dick. “I’d like to cover your cock with whipped cream and lick it all off,” she said, looking completely fresh. Chris answered he couldn’t wait for that but before they should have coffee. While she lay on the couch fingering her cunt, he made a good strong coffee with brandy. “It tastes a little different,” Cindy said. “It’s a special sort I get from Africa,” he smiled, “Drink it and I think we should both have a second cup.”

Thus Chris kept her drunk all weekend. He added vodka in the curry, Jack Daniels in the scrambled eggs and in the dessert. Nevertheless, before they left for the airport he thought maybe they should have a farewell sex, after all she was a very pretty lady. As Cindy lay on the bed he opened her legs and put his face between them. He played with her pussy and she moaned. He was feeling rather horny and his cock was now as hard as a rock. He moved between her legs and slipped it into her wet cunt. It felt excellent but before started to move it in and out she began to snore. Chris let her sleep until it was time to go to the airport.

“I’m so sorry I’ve been so tired,” Cindy said, “I feel I’ve disappointed you, I had such an amazing weekend planned for us. I wanted us to have sex in the shower, in the tub and even on the balcony at night.” “We can have sex in all those places when I get back from Africa.” “Are you going to Africa?” “Yes, the people I buy coffee from need me to go there as a taster.” “How long will you be there?” she asked, sliding her hand down his cock. “Just a few year,” Chris said, “Pity they have no internet connection in the mountains.”

It was a teary goodbye and Chris felt a bit sorry for her but as she joined the line at the gate he saw her fingering the ass of the tall guy in front of her. There was no doubt in his mind her new boyfriend was just about to join the “mile sex club.”

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