Facts About The Vagina

Facts About The Vagina

Women know that the vagina is an impressive organ – it can bring pleasure, pain, and even tiny humans, but there are quite a few things you probably didn’t know about it.

hd-porn-747452It grows when you’re aroused
In a relaxed state, the vagina is about 10cm (4 inches) deep on average, but during intercourse it can grow and deepen up to three times that size. When a woman is aroused, the muscles in her abdomen contract, pulling the uterus upwards while widening the vagina.

Not all women are born with a hymen
Even women with a hymen know that it varies in thickness, as well as the area it covers. This basically means that it’s impossible to determine if a woman is a virgin by checking the hymen.

It’s normal to want to go to the toilet during intercourse
Even if you urinate before engaging in sexual activities, you may feel the need to pee again during intercourse. There are several reasons for that – Vaginal stimulation can cause stimulation in the urethra and even the bladder, causing the urge to urinate. The other reason is nerve mix-up. There are a lot of things going on down there during sex, which can lead to your nerves getting confused.

Women enjoy sex more than men, but less often
An average male orgasm lasts a mere six seconds. In contrast, the average female orgasm lasts about 23 seconds. This means that if women truly want gender equality, they “owe” men four orgasms for each one they have. On the other hand, researchers found that 30% of women orgasm only once in four intercourses, and 16% of women reported never having experienced orgasms.
Condoms don’t affect the quality of sex
The University of Indiana conducted a research and discovered that women claim that their likeliness of achieving orgasm has nothing to do with the use of condoms. The ability to orgasm is only affected by variation during intercourse. When women receive oral and manual stimulation during intercourse, they reported a higher likeliness to orgasm.

The vagina’s odors change throughout the day
Different vaginas have different odors, and during the day, these odors change. After a shower, the vagina usually has no scent at all; physical exercise gives it a musky scent. During ovulation, the odor is metallic, and after intercourse it can smell like bleach (because of the scent of semen). A “fishy” smell is usually the result of bacterial growth.

The clitoris has more nerve endings than any other part of your body
The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings, which can cause pleasure, and even pain when stimulated. For comparison, the penis only has 4,000 nerve endings. Intense stimulation of the clitoris can even affect 15,000 more nerve endings in the entire pelvic region.

It actually lets you know when you’re ovulating
If you pay attention to your body, your vagina will let you know what the best time to get pregnant is. During ovulation, the vaginal walls become more “rubbery” and can stretch more.

Washing your vagina may damage it
If you’re worried about your personal hygiene, you should know that your vagina can clean itself. Similarly to how tears aid in cleaning the eyes, the vagina releases its own fluids for the same reason. Washing your vagina may cause it to lose its natural flora (good bacteria), leaving it vulnerable to infections like UTIs, Bacterial Vaginitis, and more.

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