Some Facts About the Penis

Some Facts About the Penis

Some Facts About the Penis

The small appendage has a plethora of nicknames, as well as some surprising facts.

1. The penis has no bones, so how does it harden?

Apes and monkeys have bones in their penis, but humans do not. The penis has fiber tissues that swell up with blood, and that is how it gets hard. If you’ve heard about people ‘breaking their penis’, you should know the reason for the break is actually from damage to its outer tissue. If the problem is left untreated, scar tissue can form and cause Peyronie disease, causing pain, erectile dysfunction and damage to the shape of the penis.

2. Size does matter… to men.
Studies show that the average length of an erect male penis is 13.12 cm, but researchers also found that this information doesn’t make most men feel good about themselves, even if they have a higher-than-average size. A study performed at King’s College in London found that penis size anxiety is related to undiagnosed depression.

3. The health of the body and that of the penis are linked
If you’re a man and you’ve been having a hard time getting an erection lately, you should examine your lifestyle. Are you sleeping enough? Have you gained a bit of weight? Men who are overweight tend to have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies, and so may suffer erectile dysfunction. Men who aren’t sleeping enough or who don’t exercise may also harm their ability to have an erection.

4. It can grow
A pair of Italian urologists from the University of Turin who were not satisfied with the size of their members, conducted a research on a system known as “stretching”. The system is supposed to help increase the size of your penis without surgical intervention. The men who took part in the research would stretch their penis for several hours a day over the course of four months. The results were an increase of 1.5-2.5cm (0.6-1 inch). If you’re looking for an easier way to make your own organ grow, another research found that during oral sex, penis measurements increase than in other kinds of arousal.

5. It’s more flexible than you think
A research conducted at 2002 in the University of Stanford, researchers analyzed pictures of couples during coitus inside and MRI machine. They discovered that in the missionary position, the penis bends to a boomerang-like shape when it’s in the vagina.

6. Cigarettes can make it smaller
Research show that cigarettes not only lower a person’s libido, it also may cause weaker erections. The reason is that smoking shrinks the arteries, thus hindering the erection process.

7. It’s actually a large clitoris
Believe it or not, but when we’re still in the womb, we first develop a vagina. Once the testosterone kicks in, the genitals become masculine. (But a clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis)

8. Your appeal is directly related to your sperm count
In a research conducted in Spain, researchers showed women pictures of men with high, average, and low sperm count and asked them to choose the most attractive-looking ones. The majority of women selected photos of men with a higher sperm count.

9. You don’t need a brain to ejaculate
The command to ejaculate doesn’t come from the brain, but instead is a reflexive response coming from the spinal cord. Once the command is sent, the brain is notified and only them the sensation of orgasm occurs.

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