The best time for sex – when is it?

The best time for sex – when is it?

It is such a pleasure to have sex when it comes in time.


The best time for sex – when is it?

Let’s say you just woke up, and already feel a burning desire to start the day with an orgasm. And the girl, instead of cooking breakfast, is already under your blanket and is greeting your friend in pants with her soft kisses. It would be nice if not only sexual desires of partners, but also the time of their execution coincided.

Sex, like sleeping pills

Doctors recommend sex for insomnia as the most natural medicine. Hormones that are produced during sex, help to relax and relieve stress, which contributes to a good and healthy sleep.

Sex and Breakfast

Mostly men like to have sex early in the morning. It is not surprising, because the ladies need emotions for making love. And in the morning the girls are not always in a good mood. So before making love with a sleeping beauty and giving unsuspecting girl your morning “present”, make her a cup of coffee and serve it straight to bed with a couple of compliments. In such a case she won’t refuse in morning intercourse anyway.

Sex with a hangover

Not all men and even women like having sex in the morning after drinking a lot of alcohol the night before. But there are those who like to save from a hangover with sex. Men, who used to the way of getting rid of a headache with sex, assure in its effectiveness. Sex stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, so it is not surprising that after an orgasm you will feel much better.

Sex after quarrel

While therapists recommend sex for the prevention of insomnia, the psychologists advise passionate love making after a bitter scandal. Conflict can separate even experienced partners who have lived together for many years. But do not waste time on grievances and show how you miss your partner and teach her a lesson of rough sex. Sometimes women are intended to quarrel with the aim to intensify sexual interest of husband. After all, the girl at the time of the conflict is no longer available, and therefore she is more desirable.

Now it’s quite clear that sometimes the partner refuses not having sex with you, but having it at the time you want. And maybe it is not necessary to insist on sexual intercourse when the sexual libido of a woman still asleep. It is much easier to study the peaks of sexual activity of the partner. For example, some of the ladies madly want sex before menstruation; other women prefer sex after important business meetings. Learn more about your sweetheart and then you can easily make a comfortable schedule of joint sexual pleasures for both.

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