A straight talk with a professional sexy lady Chanel Preston.

A straight talk with a professional sexy lady Chanel Preston.
Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

Today we make interesting facts collection about one of the modern porn starlets – about Chanel Preston. This 5 foot, 8 inch busty doll with legs that never ends likes to make interview. And we gathered the most sapid and personal answers of this hot porn actress for Chanel Preston’s fans delight. So let’s start!

On the question about her childhood and the start of porn career, Chanel Preston told such a story.

Chanel grew up in Alaska but she wasn’t a hunter or fisher or anything. She grew up with 2 older sisters and she was the baby of the family. This pretty girl was a wrestler and she was a swimmer for a couple of years. She was in the popular group probably because Chanel was a partier or stoner girl in high school. This chick was just normal and down-to-earth. Even when she was younger, she just had guy friends. They always liked Chanel and hung out with her so she always got attention. Chanel was fairly active and social. She moved away when she was 19 to Hawaii. And finally moved to LA a couple of years ago.

Chanel Preston’s way to porn industry was predictable a little. She describes herself as “very adventurous and try new things”. It was strip dancing before adult films career and Chanel liked it greatly! She told to Captain Jack in interview that she “started stripping because I was just curious about it… My boyfriend at the time was a male stripper. And so I tried it and I really liked it. I’m a really adventurous person and I like change and traveling so it was exciting for me. And in the process of doing that, I actually met a lady who got me into porn. She asked if I would consider doing it and she thought I’d do really well.” It was the beginning of Chanel Preston’s bright way in adult industry and she was 24-25 years old at that time. She is well-experienced and confident star for today and she connects her future with porn only, because she likes it greatly and don’t want to stop.

Chanel likes to talk about her job and that are some interesting questions and answers from interviews with she:
What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?
– Chanel: The biggest surprise would have to be how many great people I have met in the industry. It just makes my work that much more fun.

How often do you cum during a scene?
– Chanel: Not always. I think it only happens in scenes where they just let you go, which is generally gonzo. Maybe I cum in a feature scene but it has to be less choreographed, for sure.

What’s the most hardcore scene you’ve ever had to shoot?
– Chanel: I shoot for Kink.com (a very, very hardcore porn site) a lot and that’s pretty hardcore and intense stuff – I did put a cucumber in my ass for them the other day.
What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

– Chanel: I love how open I can be. It’s very liberating to feel so comfortable with sex. I can talk about sex and everyone will talk about sex with me!

How often do you masturbate?
– Chanel: It comes in phases where sometimes I will all the time, like I’ll want to do it all day long, all week. And then other times I won’t for awhile.

Chanel Preston has a great body and she says that her secret is in everyday activity. “ I don’t diet. I don’t eat bad either but I don’t pig out. I kind of change my regimen all the time. Sometimes I’ll do a lot of Pilates and other times I’ll do a lot of running. I’m always changing it. But I don’t do a lot of exercise but I think that’s because I’ve been exercising since I was so young that I don’t need to do a lot to maintain it. I’m sure that will change as I get older but right now, I just need to stay active. I really enjoy staying active and exercising. I run a lot and I love to swim in the ocean. It’s amazing to feel the water on your skin when the sun is shining. It’s a little bit of a rush too since I’m always scared of sea monsters.”
As you see, friends, Chanel Preston is an ordinary girl from one side but a super sexy and tempting porn actress from the other. She does her best in front of cameras and she is worthy of your attention. Watch her videos on our site and enjoy right now!

Good luck!

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