Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl. Part I

Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl. Part I
Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl.

Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl.

Coleen Taylor was really in love with Jordan Clay as they were schoolchildren but he treated her like shit. At that time she was a bit plump, had braces and her mom insisted her to keep hair in braids. Every time she tried to talk to Jordan, congratulating him on his field achievements, he humiliated her. Nevertheless, despite that fact he was a cock Coleen still kept on being attracted by him.

She didn’t see him after school graduation until she got a job as an entertainer on a cruise liner and he was a deck officer on the very same ship. Now both in her mid twenties Coleen looked better.

The ugly duckling was now a very sexy lounge singer. She’d had a husband and still kept his name so even though they were introduced by the Captain to each other he didn’t recognize her.

Coleen saw a great chance to have a little fun. She wasn’t after revenge, in fact she still got a little tingle when he was close to her. Despite crew members were encouraged to mix and communicated with the passengers they had a little lounge for themselves. Here they had a place to hide away from the tourists who always seemed to need directions or a photo taken of themselves and their partner against a lifebuoy.

When Coleen saw Jordan drinking in the crew lounge one evening she joined him. He was delighted to meet her and they talked about life. Finally she asked him a loaded question,

“Who was the girl in your school you’d have least likely have sex with?”

Jordan looked embarrassed but then replied, “There was a girl – something Taylor – I don’t remember her name as we called her Brady – with long braids – even when she was 18.” “So you wouldn’t have had sex with her,” she asked.

By that time lounge was getting a bit crowded and so she invited him in her cabin to drink a bottle of excellent wine. Coleen wasn’t due on stage for almost 3 hours and so she thought that was enough time to have sex with his brains. So she took him by hand and led him away. He felt a little uncomfortable at first. Nevertheless, she sat across from him in the cabin and her short skirt showed him everything his misgivings faded away immediately.

Of course she felt Jordan was thinking how great it would be to take her skirt off but Coleen was calm. After a short talking, she topped up his glass with wine and then went to the bathroom for a few minutes. When she came back she had her long beautiful hair made into two braids.
He looked puzzled at her change, but when Coleen sat on the arm of his chair with a sexy leg next to his hand, her choice of hairstyle was the last he was thinking about. Actually Jordan was getting so sexually aroused he took a chance of running a finger up and down her bare leg. He was afraid of her rejecting his behavior but Coleen just slipped down the chair and kissed him. To be continued…

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