Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl. Part II

Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl. Part II

With his tongue touching hers and his hand investigating her nicely firm boobs it turned into a heavy breathing sex.

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Jordan Has Sex with a Braidy Girl. Part II

Before long they got to the bed nude and she had his cock halfway down her throat. As Coleen pumped away with her hand clasped around it she used the other to finger his balls. Jordan closed his eyes and grunted a bit. Every so often she would free her lips for a few seconds and his body would shake like crazy desperate for her to keep on sucking.

When he was about to cum he shouted out to Coleen and she withdrew letting it shoot into the air with a load landing on her face and boobs. She wiped the cum off with her panties and looked down at Jordan smiling. “Did you like sex?” she asked, running her finger down his chest. “It was awesome,” he replied, and sitting up he laid her back and started sucking and licking her nipples. She responded with moaning and held tight onto her pillow.
Finally Jordan worked his way down to her shaved pussy and opened it gently with his fingers. Coleen gasped as his tongue started working between her lips and then took a breath as he licked her pussy from the bottom right to the very top. He was keeping doing the same and then moved fast his tongue up and down the lips as he held them apart with his fingers. “O, fuck I’m cumming,” she shouted and her body was shaking so furiously her boobs were bouncing around.

Jordan was going to slip his cock into her there and then but she pushed him away climbed off the bed and bent over. “Hold onto my braids I’d like to have sex in doggy style,” Coleen cried. Her beautifully shaped ass made a tempting move and he inserted his throbbing cock into her pussy as far as it would go, then he took her braids as if he was riding a horse. Jordan’s hips were crashing against her ass and the sweat ran down his chest as he felt the urge to increase the pace and shoot his cum.

Despite that fact Coleen’s head was hurting as he held tight onto her braids she was shouting for him to have harder sex and fuck her as hard as he could. By the time his cum was boiling in his balls and he felt it moving up his dick his moves became harder and she began to shout, “O fuck, o fuck, shoot it inside of me, cum inside of me.” When Jordan spitted his load he tightened his grip on her braids and made a few thrusts that almost knocked her off her feet. Coleen was softly crying when their sex was all over and flopped onto the bed telling Jordan how wonderful it was.

“You’re rather wonderful yourself,” he replied, and then impressed her by calling her “Braidy.” “You bastard you knew all along it was me, didn’t you?” “No, I didn’t know until I saw you ass.” “My ass?” “Yes, I remembered being on a school trip and you were in bikini on the beach, you were a bit plump then but you still had a great butt.” “And you’re full of shit,” Coleen replied, looking up at him as he bent over her.

“Perhaps it was the braids,” Jordan smiled. “Does it matter?” “Not as long as you’re ready to have sex with me all the way to the Barbados.” “And back?” “I’m not sure, maybe I will find somebody else on the way back.” “Don’t you dare,” Jordan laughed, “If anybody else touches you, I will make them walk the plank.” “Great,” Coleen said, catching her breath as his cock slid slowly into her pussy once again.

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