Oral sex: 6 breathtaking techniques

Oral sex: 6 breathtaking techniques
oral sex

Oral sex: 6 breathtaking techniques

All men love oral sex, for them it as a confirmation of the special closeness that exists between the partners. What is more important in this process – skills or desire? And what oral sex techniques can be considered as the most interesting? We’ve prepared the most pleasant ones for you.

Well, if the there is complete trust and mutual understanding between partners, and if there is enough inspiration and motivation, the question of the techniques are always relevant. After all, what could be better than inspiration, supported by the skills or, if you like, even a real art.

Let’s consider the most popular and satisfactory oral sex techniques.

Anyway oral sex gives partners feeling of complete confidence.

“Royal blowjob”

It is a technique with deep penetration, the main difficulty is – natural waves of nausea. But if you deal with them, you can give a man one of the most exciting pleasures. He will feel the impact on his manhood along its entire length of the process, he will be stimulated by the maximum number of nerve endings, and his dick head will touch the soft tissues of the larynx. Do not forget that you still have your hands for a gentle touch, and from time to time can stop and use your tongue.


Here everything is clear from the title. Your soft tongue glides from the bottom of cock to his head, teasing with tongue tip. Then slowly go down and climb up again, this time just sucking in the tip of the head. This technique can be used as a part of foreplay or in combination with oral sex.

High strain

Maximum strain of tongue, with a slightly bent tip, alternately caress the area under the head and the head itself. During this technique, a woman like “teasing” the erogenous zone of the penis, which certainly adds “spice” and increases the degree of intimacy.


It’s more like flirting than full caress. With relaxed tongue its tip slides up and down every time slightly touching the bridle. This easy technique will not give a partner chance to relax till the end, but can help to extend the sweet moments of preorgasmic state.


Use associative thinking. All the same manner as in the case with the morning makeup. But “cosmetic” you will get not from the vanity case, and use it not only on the lips, but also next to them zones like under the nose, cheeks and chin. This technique is perfect for foreplay and carries a strong psychological component: your partner feels the surge of unconscious power over you. Let him experience this pleasure at least in bed!

“Butterfly Flutter”

Cover with quick and gentle kisses all that is usually hidden from eyes. Extend zone of your pettings as much as you can – as if a flock of small butterflies surrounded his cock. This technique of oral sex is so unusual that the man is likely to be pleasantly surprised and grateful his woman for so refined pleasure.

But nevertheless what kind of technique you have chosen to please your sweetheart, do not come to oral sex too formal. Trying to make partner reach the peak of pleasure quickly, ladies sometimes are too harsh, fast and assertive. As a result, man may get the impression that the process of doing oral sex is completely uninteresting for his woman, and sometimes unpleasant, and she operates with the principle of “if only to get rid of this”. So use your imagination and do not forget about inspiration, especially when you have a variety of methods and different ways.

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