A woman’s orgasm. Part II.

A woman’s orgasm. Part II.

A woman’s orgasm

For women who are very active sexually, the clitoris, vagina, and other sensitive parts maybe a bit more resistant to automatically heightened sensations. The peak may be develop gradually and there may be prolonged sexual actions and stimulations before the girl is ready for an orgasm. Also, with more sexually active girls, they can vary sexual activities to delay orgasm. However, since more sexually active girls have less inhibitions and may stimulate themselves while sex is ongoing, they may have a more heightened sense of orgasm when hey want to.

Control is one of the keys to make a girl enjoy her orgasm.

Because even if a girl achieves orgasm, or a guy makes her girl cum, it is the quality of this orgasm that also makes a difference. If the sexual partner can prolong it, delay it a bit more, add more sensations to the orgasm, the better. Although the clitoris is indeed the center of orgasm in a girl’s sexual experience, the collective stimuli from the other parts of the vagina are also extremely helpful. Which is why some girls, even when a guy is already licking their clitoris, finds it more pleasurable when a couple or three fingers are also working on penetrating her vagina, simulating a real sexual penetration with a penis.

A girl or woman can control when she would like to have an orgasm – or her sexual partner can help her control it. But all girls and women agree that the longer, more sensual and more pleasurable the build up to climax, the better. Therefore, variations in the sexual activities are important. While the girl is almost at her peak, the lover can avert his or her attentions to penetration – vaginal or anal, or licking her breasts.

Also, importantly, most girls and women would like to have that elusive orgasm together with her man. Both man and woman in a sexual act can control each other’s build-up to orgasm. There is an added sensation and added emotion when the girl or woman reaches climax at the same time as her partner. It makes the sexual experience more special.

Other girls have the ability to spurt fluids during orgasm, similar to ejaculation or the cumshots of the penis of men. These girls at the height of sensation may start to shoot fluids until they achieve orgasm.

Knowing your girl better is the key to her orgasm. Some girls want to be fondled after orgasm, but gently, others just want all stimuli to stop. Just get to know them better. Each girl and her orgasm is unique.

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