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Women feelings when licking clit

The clitoris is the ultimate pleasure organ of any woman! Therefore, unless the clitoris is damaged or bruised or over-worked, a normal woman would react with intense pleasure to someone licking her clit! The clit is the counterpart of the

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A woman’s orgasm. Part II.

For women who are very active sexually, the clitoris, vagina, and other sensitive parts maybe a bit more resistant to automatically heightened sensations. The peak may be develop gradually and there may be prolonged sexual actions and stimulations before the

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A woman’s orgasm. Part I.

Types, How it feels, How fast, How long it can last There are different types of girls when it comes to orgasms. There are those who are aroused easily and peaks to orgasm fairly easily and fast. Most girls need

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Kimber James is a woman!

All fans of Kimber James know that she is a woman finally! Her perfect body became more beautiful and hot! She shows her new pussy in videos and photos on her official web-site. Information for newcomers. Kimber James is a

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